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  1. Indie Music

    by Zenfilm joined

    392 Videos / 6,183 Members

    Music videos for and by independent recording artists. We are looking for creative, original works by pros and amateurs and everything in-between. Welcome.

  2. We Love Music

    by Czlowiek Kamera joined

    55.1K Videos / 13.4K Members

    Do you love music? JOIN US! Share your music and music videos. www.vimeo.com/groups/100

  3. Noise Freak

    by Beast joined

    668 Videos / 48 Members

  4. Indie rock music !

    by kids of eighties joined

    129 Videos / 1,938 Members

    videoclip and live of indie rock 'n roll music

  5. Network Research

    by Garrett Lynch joined

    740 Videos / 140 Members

    Network Research is a weblog gathering and archiving information concerning the use of networks in new media / contemporary art. http://www.asquare.org/networkresearch/ This Vimeo group is for…

  6. expanded architecture

    by sarah breen lovett joined

    645 Videos / 324 Members

    The intersection of art and architecture. www.expandedarchitecture.com www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Expanded-Architecture/157289491008231?sk=wall Third Exhibition: Artist Residencies, installations…

  7. Interactive Installations

    by mark shepherd joined

    438 Videos / 183 Members

  8. Digital Art

    by Matthew West joined

    1,571 Videos / 432 Members

    This group will focus on art that stems from digital technology, which has transformed traditional activities such as painting, drawing and sculpture, and has given birth to new forms, such as net…

  9. Installations

    by Justin Lincoln joined

    1,908 Videos / 723 Members

    changed from video installations. Let's include sound installations and whatever else might fit in the installation category.

  10. Public Art

    by Olaf Henze joined

    11.4K Videos / 3,143 Members

    A space for any kind of PUBLIC ART: Group will display paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, installations, media, music, dance, fashion&style, interesting people and so on. Join us! Watch…

  11. Light & Mapping

    by Manuel Creignou joined

    2,086 Videos / 997 Members

    This is a group about projection mapping, L.E.D and lighting system.

  12. 3d Mapping Projection / Architecture & Object Projections

    by palnoise joined

    1,479 Videos / 727 Members

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