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  1. RED Users

    by FFDC :: Jeffrey Holland

    8,810 Videos / 5,381 Members

    A group for all users and lovers of Red Digital Cinema. Post your videos shot with Red One, Epic or Scarlet.

  2. CreativeApplications.Net

    by CreativeApplications.Net

    4,428 Videos / 3,613 Members

    Apps that Inspire! OSX, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Web Apps, Flash, Physical Interfaces, Max MSP development, Processing, openFrameworks and anything else... Please join + add screencasts of apps+projects…


    by andris damburs

    2,174 Videos / 9,616 Members

    From Lumiere Brothers to contemporary cinema... a subjective view on the history of 35mm cinema, quotes of famous directors; documentary, "unknown" and underground cinema; music and animation…

  4. Celeste Prize's Group

    by Celeste Network

    509 Videos / 148 Members

    CELESTE PRIZE 2011, 3rd edition Last day for prize entries 31 July Final exhibition and awards in New York in November 2011 Terms & Conditions 6,000 € - Video & Animation 6,000…

  5. ROJO®

    by ROJO

    231 Videos / 152 Members

  6. let's get experimental :)

    by Sabrina Weber

    183 Videos / 33 Members

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