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Director of Invincible Iron man Tv Show 2006 (Short film) / Captain Future 2012 (Short film) / Mobile • Armored • Strike • Kommand 2015 (M.A.S.K / Short film)

✧ 2 D Illustrator ✧ After Effects Compositor and Motion Graphics artist.

✧ Traditional Drawing and Painting Lecturer

✧ Visual Effects Lecturer (After Effects - Foundation year).


David Guivant was born in New Caledonia South Pacific Island. He travelled abroad to study visual arts at Lasalle SIA College of Arts and Griffith University in Singapore and Australia respectively.Upon returning to his home, David worked as a Freelance Graphic Designer and was employed for several years as a Drawing lecturer at several New Caledonian High Schools. 

David's fascination with film led him to create a comedy short entitled: " GEORGE LUCAS: LEGEND OF THE FORCE" which obviously, paid homage to Directors George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Lucasfilm France selected his short for screening at the GRAND REX THEATRE in Paris as part of the "STAR WARS REUNION 2005". "GEORGE LUCAS: LEGEND OF THE FORCE" was also honored at several European Conventions as well as Metz and Melbourne for the "FORCE IV event". 

David headed a special event at The Singapore Science Center's "THE ART OF STARWARS EXHIBITION". There he showcased his short films and discussed his other projects including "PRIME OF THE JEDI" a sequel to the STAR WARS trilogy involving the Solo Twins. In 2006 he directed and did the visual effects for a live action pilot called the Invincible Iron Man TV Show, based on the Marvel comics' famous superhero. This was followed with the live action anime Captain Future, based on the American pulp classic comic books.

He recently earned certification from "The Digital Animation and Visual Effects school" at Universal Studios, Orlando Florida. He worked on "The Solo Adventures", a Star Wars inspired student film which featured Han Solo and Chewbacca. This animated short won "Best Fan Animated Short Film" at the Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando.

After completing a semester teaching Visual Effects and Drawing in
Singapore, David is  now beginning pre-production on his latest project, a live adaptation of the 1980's hit cartoon series: Mobile Armored Strike kommand as well as seeking employment in the visual effects and motion pictures industries.

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