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Guy serves as President, founder and leader of a team of dynamic technology passionate professionals who take great pride in our craft. Our consulting company was formed in March 2012.

We provide technology infrastructure and support services; in practical terms we connect people to the world through technology. We architect the technology highways which make this possible. We know bits and bytes, cabling, graphics, devices and all things technological; but more importantly, we understand the real meaning behind technology and how it supports business. We build beautiful websites, portals and our training methodology to help businesses is second to none. We use a simple approach to all of our projects and we know the language of whomever our audience may be.

A true social entrepreneur at heart. Guy is very active in working with young people and their families in the Woodlawn, Hyde Park and Englewood areas of Chicago. In an effort to help people, one must know people, in fact the word “Savant” comes from the 18th century French which literally means, “knowing”.

What sets Cybersavants apart from other small technology companies is that we look at technology as a tool to first and foremost help others, improve their lives, open up fresh patterns of thinking and give a measure of hope to community businesses and individuals. We are a unique technology partner in that we are deeply integrated in the community, we know many of the young youth’s at risk by name, and we know their personal circumstances, their sense of despair and desperation as they deal with crime, violence gangs and poverty. We are in their homes. This knowledge has given us deep insight as to how to actually reach these overlooked and underserved deserving people. As our name indicates – we “know” and understand how to help troubled youths through technology, mentorship and visible support.

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