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Mumbai, India.

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It’s all about animation in Stop motion
Since, a yearlong sketching different ideas and now colouring it up for being the first fully equipped Stop Motion Animation Studio in India. HANDMADE ANIMATION STUDIO produces features and shorts.
We, the Hand-Made folk crafts out inanimate objects into life. The characters are shaped with minor details like costume, hair, eyes, props, every single part of film are handmade. We make Leaving Breathing miniature world. Passion towards the medium and implying them with the latest technique

“Ashur Binasini” is our latest film in production. A 40mins long film is a recreation of the story “Mahalaya” for the first time in a “Stop Motion” medium in India. It is about the Mythological story of “Maa Durga” vanquishing the tyranny of the demon King Mahishasura. Keeping all the ritual aspects in mind, it is a token to the audience…
With “Ashur Binasini” in production, Handmade has a pipeline which consist a full Stop motion Animated series of 22 episodes and a music video…..


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