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The idea of a band playing slow, doomy metal was born between singer Ari Nieminen and bassist Matti Reinola in 2004. Soon after, drummer Janne Jukarainen and guitarists Mikko Kolari and Saku Manninen joined the band. The first album, “Inherit the Eden”, was released in February 2007 (Spikefarm Records).

During the writing of the second album Saku was replaced by a new guitarist Jussi Hämäläinen. After a long and hard creating period, studio sessions finally started on July 2009. The album was titled “TEOTWAWKI” and it introduced a rawer and more versatile musical style compared to its predecessor ‘Inherit The Eden’. English death/doom influences and acoustic parts were accompanied by post-metallic harshness, post-rockish fragility and hard core style vocal parts. The overall sound was less keyboard oriented and unpolished. Lyrically TEOTWAWKI drawed a gloomy image of mankind, decadence, natural disasters and the inevitable downfall. “TEOTWAWKI” (Spikefarm Records) was mixed and mastered in Sweden at Tonteknik Recording by Magnus Lindberg and it was released in November 2009.

In the spring of 2010 Ari decided to leave the band and new singer, Toni Toivonen, was soon recruited. Soon after that Janne decided to part ways with Hanging Garden and Antti Ruokola was quickly found to fill the gap perfectly.

In November 2011 Hanging Garden entered the Spleen studio to record drums for the third album. Around the same time, Matti Reinola decided to leave the band due to lack of motivation, and was replaced by Jussi Kirves. The band signed a deal with the German label Lifeforce Records in September 2012.

The new album, “At Every Door”, is the band’s most ambitious work so far. Musically the album has much more variety than the previous two, combining influences from Cult of Luna all the way to Sigur Ros. When it comes to lyrical themes, Hanging Garden has always been about dystopic visions of the ouroborean fate that quite likely awaits man.

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