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North Devon

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My videos explore human behaviour and question our perceptions of identity, body image and the mind. I film, perform edit and create the sounds with only my voice, and as a solo film artist I am still learning. I started creating films a month ago so any feedback would be great.


  1. Jack Tew
  2. BRTHR
  3. Ian Pons Jewell
  4. Dani Deville
  5. Music to Murder

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  1. cheers its my first attempt at film, I'm glad you liked it, still experimenting at the moment, i enjoy performing and art so wanted to create a way to combine the two. I wanted to distort myself and create a haunting quality in the film blurring…
  2. Music to Murder commented on psychosis
    Feels like I am satisfying morbid curiosity by watching this. Eerie and cool.