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I like creating stuff: photos, music, websites, videos, mayhem...


I'm currently working on this project:
- Value creation through creativity, innovation and marketing

Also working on this (when I have time):
- Awesome t-shirts. That's what.

I might write something more later on... but while you're waiting you can check me out on the interwebs:

officialstation.com [Blog - Icelandic]
iam.officialstation.com [Tumblr blog - funny/interesting stuff]
twitter.com/officialstation [Microblog]
flickr.com/photos/officialstation/ [well, photos]
blog.griffindelafunk.com [where I pretend to be a musician]
photography portfolio? Yeah, I guess you could call it that: hannes.hasaportfolio.com

Photos that I like:

For the Tumblr crowd: WhenTumblrIsDown.com

If you like bacon (and who doesn't?) check out: baconfriday.com

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