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  1. 01:04:48

    Tutorial videos

    by Hansoft

    14 Videos

    Tutorials on best practices in Hansoft - Setting up a simple agile project - Hansoft for team members - Agile sprint planning - Agile release planning - Setting up the Hansoft-Perforce integration -…

  2. 32:07

    QA in Hansoft

    by Hansoft

    6 Videos

    Tutorials and demos on how to us QA in Hansoft: - Basic QA in Hansoft - Agile QA in Hansoft - Working with multiple bugs - Agile bug management - Reusing project data

  3. 13:26

    Feature demo videos

    by Hansoft

    5 Videos

    - Hansoft 7.0 reporting tool - Pipelines, workflows and kanbans - Kanban overview - How to set up a Kanban in Hansoft - Git-integration workflow

  4. 18:27

    Introduction videos

    by Hansoft

    3 Videos

    Introduction to Hansoft and new features in the latest release of Hansoft.

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