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since last millennium Happy-fi fo fou Records collective, record label, tribe, gang, pandilla group of friends that came together through the joy of the music, the beer, the stars, and all the rest 2006 we started a label deal with EMI mexico first thing we do: the happy-fi boxset (shock a bra pull a kali) a 3 CDs compilation of the early works by now, seven full records are out: niña, la live Band, mario*, d3ndron, arizona, quieroclub, & grupo de expertos solynieve in 97 Jabba spoke in dialect and we understood.. now, were still happy with the -fi well keep on doing things our way, from kitchen recordings to underwater recordings, from frontlawn gigs to concerts on pirate ships in the caribbean, were a group of friends, in love with music, who form an artis-run label.

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