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Mariestad, Sweden

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I graduated at the University of Oslo, Norway, in 1998 as a music major. Worked for many years as a music composer/producer. Got into film by a coincidence while doing someone else's job editing my own music video. This led to another music video job, ending up with a video that won a prize for best music video in England on the Exposure Music Awards in 2008. That was the Eliksir - Fairytale video.

After that I decided that making music videos and films was even more fun than making music. I never thought I'd stray away from music, but I did. Now my main focus is film, and I have made several corporate films, music videos, documentary and short film. Now working with my beloved Canon 5D mkII, editing in Final Cut Pro, latest version. I'm originally from Norway, but live in Sweden now.

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