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Rock music can still be edgy, fun, and exciting - and that's just what Toronto hard rock band Harbinger is setting out to prove with their live set.

With members that have toured throughout North America and Europe, these are seasoned veterans who know hard work and dedication are the cornerstone of rock and roll. While this is a band that takes their music very seriously, they don't take themselves seriously at all. No pompous self-importance or bullshit to be found here: just driving, hard rock with a point and a message.

Their music evokes shades of metal, prog and classic rock, as this is a group unafraid to wear their influences proudly on their sleeves.

"From Sabbath to Stevie Wonder - we enjoy anything that's interesting, and I think that's evident in our songwriting," says Harbinger frontman Adam Carter. "We love what we do, and hope you'll love it too."

For more information on HARBINGER, visit their website and social networks: harbingerofficial.com

Vocals - Adam Carter
Guitar - Cristina Bishop
Drums - Serkan Bilgi
Guitar - Bradley Bishop
Bass - Logan Wall

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