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HardJazz7 Music is a London, UK based Netlabel focused on releasing quality Hip-Hop, Jazz and Soul influenced music. With a small roster we intend to release music built to last, while introducing great new artists through the recommended listening segments. The goal is to increase our reach on a global scale without compromise while continuing to deliver top notch vocals and production

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  1. RA-NYC
  2. Dionne Gbasai
  3. Joe Lovelock
  4. queenofthering
  5. SuMi
  7. Red Bull Music Academy
  8. Lukas Turcksin
  9. Brihang
  10. dje eelbode
  11. Ronnie  Starr
  12. DJ HC,Physicist ,Nebular
  13. Naritoshi Furuse
  14. Julian Myers
  15. Olivertography Flash-Flash
  16. On-Kei Ho
  17. Rissa Boo

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