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Aspiring Television Producer, currently working as Production and Post Production Coordinator at Left Bank Pictures.
This page is a place to showcase my independent work as a Producer / Director for short films.

Website coming soon.
Get in touch - harry@harrymunday.com
Follow me on Twitter - twitter.com/mundaynotfriday

My producing work is predominantly through credits on on other peoples pages:
vimeo.com/24424979 - The Patient, Producer (10 Minute Drama)
vimeo.com/21393925 - This New Day, Producer (Another 10 Minute Drama)
vimeo.com/17220712 - Lucky Elephant: Edgar, Producer (Music Video - featuring original HD Space footage)


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  2. Dan Rhodes
  3. Toby Dale
  4. Charlie Webb
  5. George Paine
  6. Lewis Froude
  7. James Lewis
  8. DanielG
  9. Adrian Permata Scanlon
  10. Dan Gaine
  11. Alex Gardiner
  12. Felicity Arkell
  13. Liam Southall
  14. Robert White
  15. Chris Bridger
  16. Laurie Beamont
  17. Emma Worgan
  18. James Trosh