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Boston, MA

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The grotesques and horribles that stagger through the songs of Christopher O’Hare on ‘I Hate Me Too’ are not the garden variety ghouls Hollywood scares up for the entertainment of those who need clearly defined villains. Quite the opposite—these are the enemies we rarely see, the ones who hide behind tradition and valor, behind social mores and the illusion known as “the right thing.”

‘I Hate Me Too’ is not for everyone, but the overall feeling of dread and the never-ending rogue’s gallery of oppressive leaders, relationships and feelings, definitely have a target demon-graphic. If you’ve ever been horribly hurt by someone you trusted never to hurt you, if you’ve ever been hit by someone who you couldn’t hit back, or if you’ve ever cried after you’ve masturbated then you’ll understand the music of Christopher O’Hare.

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