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hi! I live and work in Japan. I have been creating non-commercial videos for 2 decades. My videos are of art, documentary, non-commercial, and community based. So, I love to watch different kinds of video and expression.

That's why I joined Vimeo. Stuffs here are one of most inspiring videos throughout the web.

I hope one day I can collaborate with independent and professional video makers around the globe.


  1. Dark Rye
  2. Eyal Gever
  3. Cokau Lab
  4. Bot & Dolly
  5. Holymanta
  6. Manuel Saiz
  7. Sounding Visual
  8. CVM
  9. Diego Stocco
  10. Brian O'Reilly
  11. Island of Stone
  12. schoenheitsfarm gmbh & co.kg