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Haukur M was born in Iceland, 4th of January 1976 in a big blizzard. Not being the person who likes to wait, he financed his first feature film by working as a fisherman in the North Atlantic. "(Ó)eðli" / "(un)natural" (1999) got national distribution in cinemas and television. In 2003 he made his second feature "1.apríll" / "April fools" with the support and patronage of who he calls the father of Icelandic cinema; Friðrik Þór Friðriksson. Haukur is one of few directors in Iceland to have made films independently.

Having finished these films, as well as several short films, he decided to leave Iceland to study Directing at the National Film School in Lódz together with his cinematographer and wife Ásta Júlia Guðjónsdóttir.

When you ask Haukur, what is your film about? He doesn’t answer

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