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From the politically charged Sheffield punk scene to trendy East London via a travelling circus, Hayley's unusual creative journey brings a variety of themes and influences to her work – which combines video, sculpture and textiles with recycled, 'scavenged' objects she finds on the street.


  1. glasscapsule
  2. loquilla FP
  3. MERo!
  4. joseph Pelling
  5. Run Wrake
  6. Florentine GRELIER
  7. Hair and Diamonds
  8. Bendesign
  9. AIR-Studio
  10. Alessandro Cima
  11. peter millard
  12. Aaadam Davies
  13. Freny Sepai
  14. Kenya
  15. Dazed
  16. City Lit
  17. jes Benstock
  18. Lawrence Martin

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