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A Freelance Visual Effects Supervisor and Director in the Motion Pictures Industry.

Known to his colleagues and friends in the industry as HaZ, with a love for digital compositing.

Starting a career in Video games cinematic CG sequences before moving into Film Visual Effects and compositing as a compositor rising up to Visual Effects Supervisor / VFX Producer

Over the years he has worked on numerous high profile Feature Films, Commercials, Music Promos and Broadcast series at various studios worldwide

Nominated for several Visual Effects Society (VES) Awards for his Visual Effects Supervision work.

In 2012 he released his directorial debut short film: Fubar Redux which was described by the press as " Animal Farm meets Platoon" which was screened at Cannes, FMX 2012 and numerous other festivals worldwide.

He followed this up with Project Kronos on April 29th 2013 which lead him to being signed to Holywood Talent Agency - IAM Entertainment, where he is managed by Scott Glassgold.

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