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At the beginning of November 2012 Houston Church News, an online faith-based news magazine was launched. Our vision is simple, to share the “Good News” one day at a time.

Although “church” is in our name, it does not necessarily refer to a building or structure or any particular religion, religious organization, belief or particular faith.

Over the coming years Houston Church News will search out and report on the Good News from all around the greater Houston area. We will look for the Good News wherever we can find it, whether it be an organized place of worship, homeless shelter, a caring neighborhood, or perhaps an organization that puts people before profits. We will report on ordinary people doing extraordinary things and the ordinary things making an extraordinary difference in the lives of a few and in the lives of many.

We are adding new content regularly and know that you will want to visit HCN frequently for a daily dose of Good News. We believe that Good News can make a powerful difference in your overall well being and it is certainly a much better alternative to bad news.

Now there is one catch, we need your help in identifying some of those good people and organizations doing good things. It is simple, you can complete the story idea submission form, you can call us at 832-572-3100 extension 201 or you can email us at story@hcnewsonline.com.

If you are part of an organization and have a good news event you are welcome to add your event to our Upcoming Events calendar by completing the Event Submission Form , or email us at event@hcnewsonline.com.

Peace and Blessings,

Anthony Turner,

Publisher/Managing Editor

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