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HDsince1980 Productions is an up and coming professional video production company based in Boston, MA.
We specialize in delivering professional High Definition videos for all occasions. While we add our style an creativity to all of our videos, our mission is ultimately to make sure clients get exactly what is expected.

While we are in the early stages of our business, our work is gaining interest from viewers throughout Boston and nationally via the internet.

Currently we are branching out by now offering video production for: special event recap, commercials for small businesses, weddings, music videos, and more. Please check back periodically for new videos.

Our goal is to become a highly sought after production company known for our excellent work. In due time, that goal and more will be achieved. If your in need of great video production, look no further because, "We Make Them Watch".

For inquires about our service please email: HDsince1980@gmail.com and expect a prompt reply.

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