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Most people know me by Belita Swan, born Filipino, have lived mainly in Canada, with a heart that lives in Hawai'i.

Since 2008, I have been visiting the Big Island and Kaua'i annually, and sometimes twice. The islands have captured my heart and have been longing to live in the islands since.

In 2013, my most recent trip to Kaua'i has led me to believe that this is the island that speaks to me the most, where I would want to bring people from Canada and other parts of the world, to experience paradise on this magical island! It does exist on this planet and what better way to explore it than to have our own special and experienced guides to take us to the most pristine places this island has to offer!

I have decided to partner up with KAUA'I QUEST, to make adventure tours that would suit most people who are reasonably fit and looking to experience the Return to the Garden of Eden, a tropical paradise. Come away rejuvenated and have a renewed perspective of our planet, how precious and spectacularly amazing it is.

Join us on our tours and you'll be sure to come back for more!!! Bring your loved ones, your friends and families and reconnect with nature as you reconnect with your SELF ... become and connect with the SPIRIT OF ALOHA!!!


Belita Swan