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Long Beach, Ca.

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I love making moving pictures that tell a story that I'm proud of. Sometimes it's all biz... Sometimes it's just what my head wants to see. I am drawn to the silent film era and really have been for quite some time. It's just a time when you really had to use your imagination to watch films. You really had to pay attention. You really had to let your mind explore what was going on visually.

Bottom line... I love to create, and my camera allows me to explore those avenues. If you like what I'm doing, sweet.... If you don't, that's cool too. I do this for myself. I strive to get more creative work and learn more so that I can continue to produce these films all on my own doing. I write, shoot, edit, promote, premiere. All in one, that's how it can be done.

Live to create. Create to never die.


  1. Pedro Guimaraes, SOC
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