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It may take patient practice to successfully spell his name but upon encountering his work there will be no need of recidivistic tendencies to familiarize yourself to the appeal of his art; for an immediate and invigorating tone is set forth, albeit a potentially dark one, certainly an intensive one - psychological noir if you will, be it in black and white or color.
Once he sets his sights on the prize, the peripheries of anecdotal possibilities diminish as each part of the sum must stringently adhere to the singular totality of his desired narratives, having successfully achieved an ambitious symbiosis between cinema and still photography.
Even though the effect of his visions is immediate, the shadows of possibilities within his work linger far longer in the psyche as testament to a deeper intonation of intent, consequently far more remains than meets the eye.
In his work sensual doesn’t necessarily indicate a purely sexual embrace, but perhaps hints of a darker chronicle; a confluence of the primal urge melded with ominous, violent tracts of narrative.
He leaves little doubt to future paths; his character demanding that the job get done and we’ve already witnessed the doing as his determination kicks into overdrive and the target is centered with singular aim. Perseverance is a necessary trait and it’s possessed it with undying allegiance as Przybylinski provably emerges as a burgeoning Renaissance man. - Mark Borchardt (Writer; The Onion, Shepard Express)

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