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My name is Helder Luis, and i’m a designer / problem solver currently working and living in Portugal.

I’ve worked since 1996 through notype, a company i started back then to do graphic design and multimedia work, along the years i’ve also created two notype sub-brands, LAB52 and Ethertype, trough the first i provided advanced multimedia services and trough the second webdevelopment services. In 2013 i’ve merged the three brands and nowadays work individually providing the same services and consulting through my personal brand.

Individually I have been developing a body of work that spans from the commercial work as a graphic designer and multimedia developer to the artistic work as a mixmedia artist and experimental musician throughout the years.

Collectively i’ve been involved in some of the most interesting multimedia projects developed in Portugal and abroad.

Since 2010 i’ve been deeply involved in mobile development and design, working as a UI and UX designer and project manager for several clients.

I live with my wife Helena, my daughter Elsa, my cat Mia and my dog Sparky in central Portugal and in my free time i like to read, research and give talks on various topics, listen to music (and play whenever i can) and travel like anyone else. I’m also very interested in permaculture design, sustainable living and organic and biodynamic farming.

Thank you for visiting my vimeo… keep coming back for more.

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