Hellfire Sox

Kiev Ukraine

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Horror/psycho/punk band from Kiev Ukraine since 2003

!!!New album out now!!! Dr Cyclops Records presents new Hellfire Sox album "Hellville"! Can be found on 600 sites all over the world and also in here amazon.com/gp/product/B005K4GFOQ/ref=dm

Hellfire Sox are

Den: Vocals, Guitar
Alex (Zufa): Guitar, Back Vocals
Jim: Bass
Pasha: Drums

The debut LP “First Invasion” came out in 2005 on opened a road to Punk Rock and Psychobilly festivals in Russia, Ukraine and Hungary. Such stars as Mad Sin and Meantraitors used to pick up Hellfire Sox as a warm-up for their gigs. In 2008 “Crossing The Styx” mini-album came out and German tour to support it. A huge interview with Hellfire Sox was issued in German Ox-fanzine and parted a broadside with Blitzkid interview. Currently band is signed by American horror punk label Dr Cyclops Records! Second LP "Hellville" came out on fall of 2011 along with new video works. On 2012 Hellfire Sox released a spli CD "The Mess" with friends from Angar 18 - local punk rock group. Band is ready for touring and keeps writing new material.

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