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Onesti, Romania

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Ben Henretig, Film Director, Actual Project: "The Happiest Place : A Journey Across Bhutan"

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Ben was born and raised in Yakima, WA, surrounded by the rich agricultural landscape of apple/cherry/pear/peach orchards, grape vineyards, and hop fields. A graduate of Stanford University Film and Media Studies, he uses his background in art, music, communications and filmmaking to produce beautiful, powerful short-format documentaries for nonprofits and purposeful businesses making positive change in the world.

Previously, Ben was a regular contributor to the Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab, whose research and innovative applications have created insight into how technology can be designed to inspire people to take positive action and have personal impact in the world. He also is a founding member of the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab, which focuses on the use of technology to promote peace.

Ben lives now in a small town from Romania, Onesti, where he is a volunteer teache instructing college students in stress management techniques through yoga and meditation.

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  1. What a beautiful creation you have here. I've read several books on Bhutan and I'm so eager to see your film. Best of luck to you and thank you for making this! I'm from Santa Cruz, CA and I see your from San Jose : ) Please let me know once your…