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  1. Cool Music Videos

    by Fly on the Wall joined

    37.6K Videos / 9,492 Members

    Add your cool music video to this group, so far the videos on this group are all from South Africa - would be rad to make it global!

  2. Music Videos - all genres

    by turbomission joined

    49.5K Videos / 12.7K Members

    One of the oldest and largest groups on Vimeo! This is the best place to view and share all kinds of music videos. And if you're an artist wanting to get some exposure, this is the place to start.

  3. Music Video

    by Zenfilm joined

    41.1K Videos / 11.2K Members

    Welcome to the Vimeo Music Video Group. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this group a success! Music videos... all makes, all models, but original work only please. Welcome to the club. Please…

  4. Sweet and Sound Video Submissions

    by Sweet and Sound joined

    267 Videos / 2,722 Members

    This is a group created by London based arts and music magazine Sweet and Sound, looking for upcoming talent and hidden classics alike. No theme or prerequisites, just great content. Every week…

  5. musicvideo

    by Keith joined

    672 Videos / 14.1K Members

    This is a companion group for the vimeo channel www.vimeo.com/musicvideos . If you like this site also check out Video Militia - www.videomilitia.com - New Community-Based Blog for Music Videos,…

  6. Fashion and Photography

    by Nick Blume joined

    4,573 Videos / 1,563 Members


    by David Chikm joined

    129 Videos / 39 Members


  8. Fashion.

    by sasha kiyoka joined

    80 Videos / 37 Members

  9. fashion

    by benjamin ehrenberg joined

    136 Videos / 55 Members

  10. Cycle Chic

    by Finn joined

    531 Videos / 334 Members

    Urban bike fashion & cycle chic : sustainable city transport. Beat traffic, fat and the credit crunch - recycle. Fix it, bling it, pimp your ride | urbancyclechic.com

  11. Fashion

    by Jade Moua joined

    169 Videos / 68 Members

    Jade Lush Designs Fashion show

  12. fashion

    by Isabelle Lindh joined

    186 Videos / 52 Members

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