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Illustrator & Designer, with extensive knowledge and experience in Visual Communication. His clients include publications: Agra, Gema, Ikaros, Kastaniotis, Patakis, Papyros, Livanis and University Studio Press Publications, Eleftherotypia newspaper, the Hellenic Audiovisual Institute, Athens University, the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Marketing Week magazine and multinational advertising agencies.

What is visual communication about, if not to subvert the familiar, shed new light on commonplace situations. We have the possibility to store entire libraries in a pocket-sized disk, but our own memory is constantly written and deleted by the overwhelming flow of images and sounds, rushing before us. This has resulted in us ignoring and dismissing a large amount of information a priori, without looking closely at the meaning it may possibly contain. It is our responsibility to remedy this consumption. One of the solutions, is to alter the amount, content and quality of what we are bombarded with everyday. We live in our cosily created reality bubble. It is time to burst it and see what happens...

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