Hernán Garbarino

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Hernán Garbarino :: Film Editor

Hernán was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has always felt attracted to the plastic nature of image and movement.
He trained professionally at Buenos Aires University (UBA) where he graduated as Image and Sound Designer.
He studied Fine Arts with Fabiana Barreda, drawing with Roberto Paez in the College of Arts Ernesto de la Carcova.
From 2006, he works in the audiovisual industry, where he started working as an editor, building and telling stories.
Since then, he has edited fiction and several commercials, video clips for independent rock bands, short films, corporate videos, and has also developed editing services in shootings, and more.
Thanks to his fluent English, he has worked in different productions with teams from all around the world.
In 2007, he obtained a grant from the National Fund of Arts, for shooting a documentary in Argentinean Norwest, about Inti Raymi ceremony, i.e. native people’s New Year.
In 2010 he assembled the feature film, “The Finger”, by Sergio Teubal produced by Metropolis Films, as well as a documentary series for television, broadcast by Encuentro Channel and produced by Historias Cinematográficas producer.
At the present time, he continues working alternately in film industry and advertising, and keeps always interested in new creative challenges.


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