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Bruxelles, Paris,Shanghai.

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Olivier Dressen, aka « Hero » is a freelance artist in motion design. He works within different audio-visual and graphic sectors : film industry, television, musical bands, comic books and advertising. He shows the extent of his talent either as a film maker, animator, webdesigner or storyboarder... Hero has the gift to express his inspiration through creative and orginal concepts.

A great part of his inventive work leans on his own inflected childhood memory, that leads him to expose his personal point of view on childhood, death, love and souvenirs. Olivier spends most of his life drawing. At eleven years old, a watercolor painter teaches him the art of paintings. Then, he discovers the fascinating work of Belgian Surrealism, along with the encyclopedias and the comic books that also attract his full attention.

He follows different training courses to the Beaux-Arts Academy of Liège in Belgium, to "Caméra Enfant Admis (Motion-Picture Children Admission)" on short films made by children. At this young age, hewins the drawing inter-schools contest by envisioning the forthcoming car of the year 2000. His prize was a real bike for the first time !

Also, he spends his time reading and watching documentaries. His favourites are about nuclear energy, natural disasters, american propaganda, communism/ cold war and maccarthysm.

After his studies at the Beaux-Arts Academy of Liège, he registers at La Cambre University and begins in film animation. Being inspired at an early age by the American Pop culture, and the comic books, he draws a big share of his creativeness from the acid world of super heros wearing flashy pantyhose. After La Cambre University, Olivier starts as a film maker and animator in the advertising industry. That allows him to also work on the side for and with different artists.

The world of Hero is a world of naivety and cruelty at once. Under the cover of colorful shades and often inspired from childhood; Hero’s pictures bring us back to scenes of violence and irony.

« Vive les vacances ( Long Live the Holidays)» for example, is a short film describing a small and peaceful family without visible problems, who is suddenly run over by a school bus. This dramatic event is shown in a childish manner, displaying joy and good spirits. The story results in a traditional happy ending. In « RRJ », Hero redefines a cartoon for children, aiming for an apocalyptic film. In « 5 minutes », a more realistic and intimist short movie, Hero talks about the life and the memory of a high-ranking american official during a Wall Street crisis.

Because of his inability to recall some events during his childhood, Hero mixes genres and trends, creating a kaleidoscope of various and strange images. All kinds of feelings gather together, from melancholy to laughter, from innocent games to wars ; he won’t stop at one paradox, neither just one defined graphic style. In the new « Madame S (Mrs. S) », Hero tells a story about her sentimental deflections and disappointments, day after day, with her haunting need to write and not forget her feelings. He uses the comic books, sometimes in a naive or realistic way to bring out the theme with humor and levity. The work of Hero discloses a constant struggle against the loss of memory. It expresses a profound desire to make the wandering souvenirs come to life again by rebuilding them.

Like a butterfly collector, Hero pins images of memories found by chance here and there, at every turn of his creation ; to quickly hunt for the next catch…

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