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I am a film director based in Paris and Los Angeles.

After shooting multiple commercials and tv films for French television, I wrote and directed my feature film REQUIEM, which was released in 35 countries. My second feature, COURSIER (PARIS EXPRESS in English) was produced by Luc Besson's EUROPACORP, producers of the TAKEN and TRANSPORTER franchises. It was distributed in theaters across the globe and landed N°6 at the box office in mainland China.

My latest film, JACK OF DIAMONDS, is an English-language feature-length TV pilot that was produced by Muse Entertainment (USA/Canada) Gaumont (France) and ZDF (Germany). It aired on Showcase, ZDF and France2.

I am currently developing my third feature film while working on various TV projects and commercials.

mail: contact@herverenoh.com
web: herverenoh.com

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