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I got some ideas. Give me a minute.


Actually I just found out my ideas will cost me $200 a month here. =(

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  1. Cheers!
  2. Only $200 a year? That's really rough for someone who wants to do fan made videos. But it says there is no charge for Machinima style videos, which I thought was the same thing. I don't know ... I'm sorry. Good luck with the search engine. =(
  3. Hi there! We're working on improving our search system but unfortunately I do not have an ETA of when those issues will be fixed. This is more of a gradual process and will improve over time. As for fan videos of video games, you may only upload…
  4. Hi, I joined the other day. I use this addon for Firefox that plays Floyd when ever Im at a shady site like youtube, called "Dark Side of Prism". So I can't go there anymore. I started searching for alternatives and now I'm here. I believe I found…