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Gregory A. Hughey

Greg made his debut as a photographer at the age of six at the1964 New York World’s Fair. His first photographs were images of distant exhibits seen through crowds of people (an overall shot of the event was difficult when shooting from a 31/2 foot vantage).
In junior and senior high school Greg experimented with both moving and still imagery by making several films with friends and producing a portfolio of his photographs. This portfolio allowed him to be accepted into the photography program at Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, Colorado where he earned an Associate Degree in Photography.
Greg continued his studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he received a bachelor’s degree with a film major. His senior thesis project was a short theatrical film, “Dream On”, which was distributed on HBO and other cable networks.
Greg put his training in media services to work as a commercial still photographer employed in New York City; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and Denver, Colorado. He further gained experience as a multi-media producer working independently on a variety of audio-visual productions.
Since 1989, he has operated High Drama Productions, Ltd., an independent media production studio in Steamboat Springs. In addition to still photography, projects have included designing, producing, and directing live television presentations; writing and producing an interactive murder mystery play; teaching local public school students live television production; and writing three feature-length screenplays. Greg is presently a board member of the Northwest Colorado Film Commission and has worked as a location scout/manager, cinematographer, and producer for professional media production companies such as Warren Miller Films, CNN, ABC News, CBS, NBC and National Geographic Film and Television to produce a variety of programming from network television sports and drama to independent film.

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