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I have been teaching Advanced Placement Calculus BC for ten years and Calculus AB for two. These videos are live screen captures of my Calculus BC lessons this year at Lehman High School in the Bronx. I hope they will be useful to both students and teachers alike. I have tried very hard to ensure that ideas are well motivated and well explained, but please know these are unedited, so that means you will see the good, the bad, and the ugly - I will likely have off days once in a while!

My hope in undertaking this project is that these videos could serve as a complete stand-alone course in Calculus BC. The lessons are purposefully tailored to prepare students who have taken trigonometry (but not necessarily Pre-Calculus) for the AP test in May. I missed recording my first two BC lessons this year, so I used my first three AB lessons instead (the content is virtually the same, the pace is just slower). As Calculus AB is wholly contained within Calculus BC, these videos could also comprise an AB course as well. For that reason, I have created an AB Channel as well as a BC Channel.

My greatest hope is that you find these videos useful in furthering your understanding of mathematics. The idea that education is no longer bound to the classroom is so profound. Good luck and have fun!

Some credentials: Nearly 80% of my BC students have earned 5's on the AP test over the course of my career. 75% of my AB students received 4's and 5's (only one set of test takers to date), and I have only had five students ever score below 3. I am recognized as a Master Teacher by the NYC DOE and Math for America (though I'm not really sure what that title means). I've won awards and prizes and blah blah blah... My point is that I think you will see when it comes to teaching math, I know what I'm doing.


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