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Greetings friends! Hinny Tran is the name and I’m from Melbourne, AUS. The person I am today loves making films and I am inspired by phenomena such as Pop-culture, fashion, love, self-exploration and making big mistakes. I am a very imaginative human being but there is one thing I cannot imagine, a life without fashion and film. I am drawn to the idea that the closest thing to ever being in complete control of my life is when somebody watches a video that I have created. This blows my mind, so good.

I specialise in Fashion Film: Art Direction & Concept Editing.

This vimeo is where I upload my videos that I blog about to show you how to create the looks: hinnytran.wordpress.com

When visiting my page, please share your thoughts with me. I’d really like that. In terms of art, call it highbrow with lowbrow swag.
-Thanks for reading!

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