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Melbourne, Australia

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Influenced by pop culture, sci-fi and fashion; Hinny Tran is a Melbourne-based self- taught filmmaker who is best known for unconventionally integrating digital novelty with traditional storytelling methods.

His drive for indie development in the arts puts him at the forefront of an emerging industry that craves the need for alternative self-expression. With a background in commerce & creative marketing, Hinny uses his art forms to innovate and transform the ways we intimately engage with fashion. He has worked with some of Australia's top Fashion houses such as ALPHA60 and Jack London. Hinny aims to provoke independent thought and create cool experiences for new audiences.

Recent Achievements:

Late 2013 - Featured as world acclaimed talent in Fashion Film – Fashion TV International

Early 2014 – Receives High Commendations for his films Repoussé Abyss and Media Whore at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival – Fashion Film Series

Mid 2014 – ‘BODYMOD’ A short film by Hinny Tran & producer Hannah Bellil receives Official selection for International Fashion Film Awards, La Jolla Fashion Film Festival California, Miami Fashion Film Festival, London Fashion Film Festival & Special selection screenings at the Museum of Contemporary Art California, screening along side other directors such as Karl Lagerfeld.

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