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Hi-ReS! was founded in 1999 by Alexandra Jugovic and Florian Schmitt after they moved to London from their native Germany.

With our original work rooted in graphic design, fine art, product design, film and music, we eventually decided to combine all these separate disciplines in one medium and started to experiment with Adobe’s Flash technology. Our first self-initiated online project, soulbath.com, garnered worldwide attention, and led to commercial work, most importantly the website for the film Requiem for a Dream by director Darren Aronofsky who we are fortunate to collaborate with to date.

We have since achieved the highest accolades for digital media including D&AD Silver, Cannes Cyberlions, Clios, One Shows, BAFTA and Webby awards. Having established strong relationships with brands such as Dolce&Gabbana, Jägermeister, Chanel and The Economist together with more than 10 years experience in the business, we have proved we are far from getting bored, keen to push things forward, continue to make information handsome and entertainment systems radical. In 2008, we became part of the Syzygy Group.

We intend to stay small and agile in each studio but can be big with the support of our group if you need us to be. We now have studios in London,  New York City, Berlin and Hamburg with plans to open more studios over the next years.

In 2005, Andreas Müller and Florian Schmitt founded Nanika (jap. for "something"), a company which focuses on interaction between man and machine beyond traditional input and output. We create highly bespoke location specific installations for retail and public spaces. For more information check out nanikawa.com

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