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Kessel, The Netherlands

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Born in 1972, Dick Holthuis completed his academic education in his native Holland, then entered a specialty school to learn photographic techniques and sharpen his young artist’s eye. After completing his studies, in 1992 Dick joined his father’s studio as an industrial and commercial photographer.
But growing up in Holland, a land surrounded by water and filled with boats of every type and description, Dick soon discovered the beauty of the sea: he wanted to photograph boats of all kinds, classic and modern, in all settings—racing, cruising, and venturing to exotic places.
In 2007, despite a market filled with talented competitors, Dick opened his own studio. He now travels the world for various clients, and often takes on special assignments. Dick Holthuis keeps up with advances in digital techniques, and has mastered the methods of perfecting images in his studio. Still, he sees his photography primarily as art: “I try to bring the art of photography to a higher level by making the best use of modern technology.” For the best possible quality Dick uses Hasselblad.

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