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Torsten Zenas Burns is an artist, curator, and media arts educator living in Holyoke,
Massachusetts. He received his BFA in video art in 1990 from the New York State College of Art &
Design at Alfred University, and his MFA in New Genres: video and performance art from The San
Francisco Art Institute in1993. He has created & curated video, photo and installation projects
exploring speculative content, including re-imagined educational practices, experimental space
programs, zombie / afterlife relationships, post-human fictions, and improvisational (splatstick).
Other collabotronica projects include collaborations with Anthony Discenza under the name
HALFLIFERS, Darrin Martin, and VIROCODE. Burns' selected video work is distributed by Vtape,
(Canada), Video Data Bank (USA), LUX (England) and EAI (USA). Over the past 19 years Burns has
participated in nine residency programs including Headlands Center for the Arts (CA),
Experimental Television Center (NY), L.M.C.C. World Views Studio Program, and Eyebeam (NYC).
Burns has had video work screened at the NYC Museum of Modern Art's Video Viewpoints and
Premieres series, The Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC), The Pacific Film Archive (CA), SF
Cameraworks (CA), Dumbo Arts Center (NY), Video_Dumbo (NY), Aurora Picture Show (TX),
Migrating forms (NYC), Krowswork Gallery, (CA), The Chicago Underground Film Festival, The
European Media Arts Festival (Germany), The Impakt Festival (Netherlands), The Melbourne
International Film Festival (Australia), The Oberhausen Short Film Festival (Germany), The Busan
international video festival (South Korea), and The Stuttgarter Filmwinter: Festival for Expanded
Media (Germany), In 2011 HALFLIFERS was featured with an artist page in the book Radical Light:
Avant Garde Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945-2000. In 2012 he curated
BODYRADIO for Parsons Hall Project Space in Holyoke, Massachusetts. In 2013 Burns & Discenza
as HALFLIFERS co-curated a group exhibition and performance series called: I think we’re ready
to go to the next sequence: the legacy of HALFLIFERS at Gallery 400, Chicago, IL.

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