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I record life. I capture moments. I document myself and others. I use cameras, recorders, lighting, and production gadgets to create motion pictures; training, short docu-vignettes, music videos, and experimental films.

I compose music from scratch with my hands; on guitar, keyboard, knobs, or mouse, with my voice, and from a digital universe of samples and software.

I use computers in nearly every facet of my life and I archive what I've found and created.

I also produce corporate training video/audio for a large company that's named after a fruit, in Cupertino.

Digital cinema, photography, video, and audio production. Motion graphics design. Camera tech specialist. Video systems architect. Lighting design and grip. Audio systems and production specialist and surgeon. Song writing, scoring, music composition, guitarist, vocalist, and digital music production. Technologist, computer systems config and maintenance, digital media management.

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