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This is Home Water Fly Fishing. We are a bunch of kids out to put a new look on the fly fishing world. We hike and wade the Grassy Foothills and Rocky Westlopes of Alberta seeking new trout and new adventure. We have no rules as we continue to explore the unknown, it's what we love to do. Sometimes we are pursuing trout on the dry or other times chucking streamers to the banks and ripping them across pools. We will be bringing fly fishing films to you that show our point of view of what our story is along with a few tips that help us catch and release a fish back into there habitat.
We hope you all enjoy the up coming productions as our goal is to display trout in their home waters, but to get it all on film while doing it is what we are all about.
Everyone has a style and this is ours.

Living Life on the Fly.