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Chris Jones doesn’t feel totally comfortable writing in the 3rd person, but thinks it may make him seem more important. So Chris Jones was born and raised in San Diego, CA. After graduating from the esteemed Arizona State University, Chris realized that he just wasted his time and parents money and enrolled in Bookshop to pursue advertising. His young advertising career was abruptly sidetracked when he started his own semi successful poster business. You would think selling millions of posters would have made Chris Jones rich, but it merely just helped him stay alive for a few years. It turns out that industry is controlled by its distribution, which is controlled by the mafia. Frustrated by others making way more money off his ideas, Chris decided to get back into an industry where that never happens, advertising. Chris got in on the digital side by writing at Terrelever and then Omelet, working on such brands like Red Bull, EA Sports, Coffee Bean and The Oscars. Chris then moved to his current workplace, TBWA/Chiat/Day. Over the last 3 plus years he’s worked on brands like Pepsi, Visa, Southwest, Nissan, the Grammy’s to name a few. Chris Jones has also dabbled in the Entertainment world by selling 2 TV shows, which he views as a fun outlet to advertising. Chris Jones wonders if that just came off as a blatant humble brag, but is deciding to keep it in his Bio since this is a place for shameless self-promotion. So while we’re at it, Chris Jones has won a few awards in recent years, including a Cannes lion for his work on the Pepsi Refresh Project and an Effie for The Will Arnett Super Bowl party. It’s truly been an honor to write a Bio page for Chris Jones. Chris Jones is very talented.