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"L'Esprit et le Coeur en Harmonie" or "Mind and Heart in Harmony" is the spirit of aloha and the foundation that the Honolua Surf Co. was founded on. Celebrating the lifestyle of the island waterman - Honolua is focused on the person who has built a life centered on the ocean and all it has to offer.

Honolua was named after the mystical bay found on the Hawaiian Island of Maui's western shore. One of the most perfect waves in the world breaks along the point, ending in the crystal blue waters of the bay where an abundance of sea life lives in tranquility. The islands are also home to one of the largest populations of waterman in the world because of the wide variety of conditions they have to offer. Whether it's canoeing, paddling the inter island straits, tow in surfing at an obscure outer reef or paddling out to off shore perfection, the islands offer the waterman a daily opportunity of being in the ocean.

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