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publisher of and screener of transformational documentaries. this month we are showing IM FINE, THANKS, CHOICE POINT, THE GLEANERS AND I, HUNGRY FOR CHANGE.. and others...

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  1. DamNation Film
  2. The Living Light Network
  3. Roland Denning
  4. Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
  5. Democracy Collaborative
  6. Deborah Koons Garcia
  7. Integral Life

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  2. I just did it and it works fine for me. sent it to my films fb page and its up... smoothe as ice... unless they did something different...
  3. bob banner commented on Welcome Back!
    Hi Katie. Im not even sure how I got on this.. perhaps because I was looking at the afro/vegan interview... anyway.. hi and welcome back.. wrote you about your event here with us in SLO, just yesterday!
  4. Buy his book at least read about it here:
  5. when can we start showing/hosting comm screenings? after the premiers? maybe December or January? of 2015?
  6. How can we create and host community screenings? where can we visit to schedule screenings?