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Nashville, TN

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Hope's Wake is an individual contrivance with a collective surrounding. It's a distinct voice with poetic utterances that fans commonly compare to a schizophrenic Bob Dylan with Radiohead's groove.

With the release of the first EP, co-produced with friend/engineer Sean Zywick, Hope's Wake brought to life pieces of himself -- experiences from his very being. "A New Band A Day" described one of his songs (Our Own Road) as "a miserable plod through a boggy field with thoughts of hope and love."

While some may say a miserable plod is just that -- a miserable plod -- "A New Band a Day" continues: "Boggy fields are misty, dewy and invigorating in the right conditions. Quite lovely." Conflicting, as it may seem, this is the basis of Hope's Wake -- an unbiased interpretation of life's occurrences that we, as fans, may render our own.

New journeys brought new discoveries and after dabbling in improv, acting was added to the list. Now he's set to fulfill a career of music and film and we hope to share those experiences with you as they come.

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