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Jeff Schiller is a professional musician with degrees in music and film. His extensive knowledge and experience in these two disciplines is his motivation to pursue a career encompassing both.

As a musician he specializes as a performer on saxophones, clarinets, flutes and voice, and also works as a composer, arranger, contractor, copyist and instructor. His work in film involves scoring, sound design, foley, adr, writing, directing, editing and acting.

Based in New York City and also known as Houndog, Jeff has enjoyed touring the world with artists such as Gloria Gaynor; appearing in over 100 Broadway shows a year; working as a studio musician for TV, film and in collaboration with other recording artists; as well as numerous concert performances, from classical to blues, Carnegie Hall to nightclubs.

His diverse performing, compositional and arranging styles have been heard over the years in many venues, markets and media. These include Broadway productions, radio, TV and internet jingles, soundtracks of major and independent motion pictures, network and cable TV shows, numerous original recordings and in countless live concert performances. 

In addition to his professional activities, Jeff is also an avid swimmer, gardener, cook, sniffer and tail-wagger.

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