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Hox Vox is a solo project by me, Hox (Gianluca Missero), an animator, illustrator and musician born in Venezia (Italy).
In Hox Vox I'm trying to keep a link between music and image.

During first half of 80s I played also in other two bands: bass and keyboards with Marco Bianchi (drummer of Death in Venice) in the avant-wave duo SlideStraviati, and keyboards in new wave Gunshot Nucleus again with Bianchi. From about 1985 I ceased to play - except for a short comin' back in '89 with an 8-bit music experiment, "Eight-bit Deboned" - 'til october 2008 when a friend of mine pushed me back to music making.

The approach of my work is RIO/progressive, with an obsession for not-proper use of instruments, song structures and bizarre twists on caribbean, post-rock or gamelan themes.

I started to draw, paint, sculpt clay and make animations since I was a child, first experience was with flipbooks then I tried all kind of techniques: stop motion with cutouts, puppets, objects or clay, cel animation, 3D animation, video authoring with special FX. In first '90s I won some prizes in international contests as Bit.Movie, Pixel Art Expo, Anteprima Cinema.

My music and videos are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License

You can download/listen my records for free at my website or:

• Mininova (bittorrent)
• Jamendo
• Last FM
• MySpace
• Reverbnation

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