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TV Producer, Director, Writer, Shooter and Editor.

I’ve had the fortune to work on some of the best and most innovative shows produced on television with filmmakers such as the Maysles, Michael Moore, Tom Schiller and so many others. (see resume at

Currently as a side venture to paid work, I produce a video web series on the arts. I initiated this series to fill a void I saw in independent arts programming. With an economy of means I program, produce, direct, shoot and edit the segments. Videos on Marina Abramović, Steve Duncan, Ernesto Neto, Ross Bleckner are from that series. There are more to come.

For 3 years I produced for a weekly show on the arts and food, MUSE, for Bloomberg Television. I produced over 120 segments while there. Much of what you see on my page is from that series.

I've produced, written and edited a great deal for Network, Public and Cable TV as well as documentary, educational and theatrical work for PBS, music and children's entertainment series and corporate and image pieces as well.

Please leave a comment on whichever videos you watch. I like to hear from viewers. Thanks for watching!

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