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HTX supports emerging and established Ontario-based companies to develop, produce and commercialize innovative market-leading Medical and Assistive Technologies (MATs). Market segments include: Medical devices; Diagnostic & medical imaging; Healthcare IT and wireless health (smart devices); Assistive devices & home healthcare.

HTX funds industry led projects that promote partnerships among stakeholders including: small, medium and large enterprises, academic and healthcare institutions, investors and granting agencies. Our programs address: product development; clinical validation; technology assessment; procurement & market development; and various ecosystem support services.

HTX provides in-depth knowledge and expertise to expedite commercialization efforts in the sector. HTX collaborates with numerous entities within the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE) to coordinate and maximize support for medical device and assistive technology companies. In addition to promoting collaborations, HTX continually augments its service offerings to match the needs of the sector. Highly qualified personnel provide mentorship relating to: regulatory affairs; clinical evaluations; funding agencies and private investment; linkages: academic, business-to-business & strategic partnerships; market intelligence & assessment; and, marketing and distribution channels.

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