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HunterGatherer is a design, illustration, and animation studio founded by Todd St. John. It has earned international recognition for its spare, but conceptually inventive projects; often combining experimental techniques with a distinctive design approach. Since 2000, HunterGatherer has stayed intentionally small, focusing on select collaborations across a wide range of mediums.

HunterGatherer’s work has been widely published and exhibited. The studio has won awards from almost every major design organization, and St. John was included along with frequent collaborator Gary Benzel in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial: Design Now. In 2008, HunterGatherer won a Webby and was nominated for an Emmy for the animated short “Circle Squared”. In 2011, their ‘Prius Goes Plural’ short won a Cannes Gold Lion. In addition to running the studio, St. John has taught as a lecturer in the Yale School of Art’s graduate program, and occasionally exhibits non-commercial work under his own name.

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